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High Performance Mind Skills

Creating the future of players now 
Be extraordinary on and off the pitch

Master the inner game that

takes your outer game to
new heights


Dissolve hidden stress, pressure and anxiety off the pitch

Why Choose Us

We work with technically, tactically and physically gifted performers in professional football, rugby and other high pressure worlds. 


Enabling them to  implement the tools of a HPM (High performance mindset)


A HPM consists of mind and emotional skills that guarantee peak performance under constant attention, pressure and stress. 

Skills and insights that are made bespoke to each individual, incorporating the most effective tools from a range of relevant psychologies. Including, sports, wilderness survival and crises/hostage negotiation.

To keep you in-flow, centred and at your brilliant best. 

Highly practical tools (with no psycho-babble) that give you an unshakable balance, consistency and winning edge. 


In the 2 areas that matter most 

  • Peak performance 'on the pitch'

  • Resilience and well-being 'off the pitch'

 Video -Be Your Best Self
Be Your Best Self
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"Glenn shares his stuff in a way that I understand and is easy to apply. Things I wish I had known earlier in my life. On the pitch, I am more effective, more confident with the media and more balanced in my home life"

UK Premiership Footballer

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