About & Values

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Centred Pro is the creation of Glenn Bracey.


A professional coach with 25 years experience blending the best insights in human performance 

and behaviour.  


Glenn is educated / experienced in

  • Psychology and sports psychology

  • Somatic coherence (How the body affects performance)

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Stress

  • Resilience and wellbeing

  • Breath work

  • Modern and traditional therapies (E.g. ACT, CFT, TFT) 

  • Working with people in high-pressure and
    high profile situations

  • I've also trained and worked with Aikido masters, FBI Trained Hostage Negotiators, Wilderness Survival Experts.



Glenn - The Footballer

No7, Centre midfield. Quick vision and seeing play early, good

touch and possession play, engine room.

I reached the not so dizzy heights of a youth player at Watford FC.


Going on to play a couple of games for Mansfield Town (old 3rd Division) and some semi-pro football until a cruciate injury put me out of the game aged 28.


Personal Contact: Glenn mobile: 0044 7867 531333 glenn@centredpro.com

My coaching style is

  • Highly practical

  • Human centred

  • Guiding - not telling

  • 100% Confidential

  • Everyday 'bloke' 

  • Adaptive to different
    learning styles/ backgrounds.

Centred Pro is about how we show up not just in our mental game but in our entire body and nervous system.


Going further than positive thinking and visualisation to provide high profile male and female performers with easy to apply tools and insights that make sense in their reality.


Tools that are practically applicable 'in-the-moment' and 'on-demand', when we need them most.

Our Values

If you appreciate these, we are a good match to work together

You First

Understanding what is important to you is the start.


From here we determine if we are a good match to do great work together. If so, we share what will serve you the most.


Sometimes this means going a little further than sports psychology. Which we build upon to treat you as a

whole person.

Combining our understanding

of the sciences of body, mind, emotions, stress etc, our focus is on what will release more of your unique gifts and talents.

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We share insights and tools that have a high degree of proof.


A track record of effectiveness and the latest scientific research and methodologies. 

Tools that we personally apply in our own lives.


We share what works, what is proven and what adds value.

Newton's Pendulum

Trust - No Bullshit

Trust when you are at the top is critical. We are there for you come what may.  

No judgments or working to hidden agendas. With you all the way and 'out of your hair' when you don't need us.


A safe, no-bullshit relationship. Otherwise there's no point!

Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump

Awareness & Heart

What's the point if there is no joy, no heart, that what are doing, doesn't serve us?

Awareness of what we are truly capable of, and being the best expression of ourselves not just as a performer but as a human being.

We see you as a human being first. Supporting you to be your best in all areas. Mentally, emotionally, socially, flexible and accountable.

We are with you for the journey as we share our best with you.

Hands in heart