Business Leaders
High Performance Mind Skills  Bespoke for Business 
  • Are you a business leader, executive or entrepreneur?

  • A high performer used to winning, creating and making things happen?

  • Do you lead organisations or Global teams through challenge and change?

  • Are you feeling the pull, push and tearing between all your commitments?

  • Are you successful but also unfulfilled?

  • Would you like to make stronger your legacy as a leader?

  • Are you curious, to adopt the same mind skills used by professional athletes, wilderness survival experts and crises/hostage negotiators?

    - To stand-out even more

    - Blended and made bespoke for you, in your business world.

  • Be outstanding mentally, emotionally and socially

  • Adopt the recognised ingredients of a High Performance  Mindset 

  • Re-balance your over and underdone strengths

  • Be at your best consistently. Role-model 'outstanding'

  • Handle extreme pressure AND preserve your well being

  • Transition better between work and home pressures

  • Embody emotional presence

  • More clarity

  • More vision

  • More impact

  • More presence

  • More influence

  • Leave a memorable, winning legacy

"I had the chance to be coached by Glenn. He unlocked in few session what would have perhaps taken years to unlock myself without guidance.
I can only address a big thanks and highly recommend him to whoever desire to truly work on him/herself, lead and behave with more impact and in full balance.
I would say that he helps to quickly become a better version of ourselves especially at work and as a leader".
Audrey Davin. Unilever VP (Phillipines)

"Hi Glenn - I wanted to drop you a thank you note for being a great coach. Our conversations helped me immensely through the year. I have been able to guide my inner dialogue to align with my purpose. I feel I am able to do much more through the techniques that you introduced me to. Stepping into a Global role and working remotely for almost all of this year was made easy by the sharp and focussed sessions that you invested time in for me to unlock performance and thrive in a new environment".

Sandeep Tanwani. Global VP. South Asia

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