Rising Stars

Investing in your future stars, now

How are you investing in the mind and emotional skills of your young talent?


To equip them with the life skills that will last them a career and make it a more profitable one?


We human beings are given a lot of responsibility for our thoughts and feelings and from a very young age.

More often than not, however, we are not taught how to self-regulate these in line with the steep increase in pressure, stress, anxiety and the intensity of fully becoming a star.

It's just assumed we will, that it's ok to just 'suck it up' or 'tough-it-out', and if we can't, we weren't up to it!

How much talent and money is lost due to this? When we know academy success rates to turn pro are at just 0.05%

At Centred Pro we believe rising stars, offered the opportunity to be more emotionally intelligent and psychologically flexible, will meet and exceed their potential.

The question for you is when should this start?


We work with forward-thinking academies and agents that place life skills at the centre of their talent development. With tailored creative learning that blends into their existing set-up, age group and personality.