Two Areas of Expertise 

Our experience in understanding peak and sports performance are so you

  • achieve your dreams and goals

  • overcome performance blocks

  • perform consistently under pressure 


We break down the theories and concepts of performance psychology into

  • easy to understand and apply insights

  • practical tools that make a significant difference

  • highly practical & no psycho-babble

Update your 'inner game' to radically improve your 'outer game'.


  • your effectiveness and consistency

  • your career-defining moments that will go on to define you and your reputation.


We design for you a bespoke programme to add even more magic to your performance.

Wether you are a seasoned pro, looking for that extra or revitalised edge.


Or are a rising star wanting to become everything you dreamed of being and don't want to leave it to chance.  

Peak Performance
on the Pitch
Image by Jhan Castillón

There are a lot of hidden distractions and stress at the top. Here are example areas we help our clients navigate

  1. Hidden, unhelpful emotions 

  2. Unwelcome change and uncertainty (career or life)

  3. In 'lockdown'

  4. Overcoming negative relationships with coaches or team-mates

  5. The constant demand to be invincible

  6. When injured, out of contract, rejected, unwanted

  7. Away from home, in a new environment or culture, lonely or isolated.

  8. Media scrutiny, unwanted online attention

  9. Too much time on your hands 

These distract even the very best performers away from peak. 

Our blend of proven approaches and bespoke tools reconnect you to your brilliance and keep you on track to your goals, dreams and what you do best. 

Off the Pitch
Resilience & Wellbeing
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